It has come to our attention that someone has been misrepresenting himself as RCS, and posing as a salesman of the RCS Group by using our letterhead and other documentation, and by sharing company details, including our VAT number, with his customers.

RCS Rampal Ltd., listed at 39 Victoria Road, Darlington, England, Company registration No. 09054009 is NOT an RCS Group affiliate. We would advise that you should not do business with this company, and we ask that you bring any contact you may have with them to our immediate attention.

We advise all our customers to carefully check that any email claiming to be from RCS has indeed been sent from your RCS contact and that you are replying to the correct email address.  Furthermore, invoices should be checked carefully to make sure our details are listed correctly – in case of doubt, call your legitimate RCS agent.

This is not the first time, fraudulent parties have tried to use RCS’ name and stellar reputation and we are working to identify the source and address it together with our legal counsel and law enforcement.

Any correspondence not originating from an authorized RCS representative is not from us and we cannot be held accountable for any of its contents.

Thank you for your loyalty and looking forward to doing more business with you in the future!

Rami Feller

RCS Group President