RCSsolar300tag_logoAs part of the RCS Group, RCS Solar took on the task of providing robust renewable energy solutions to reduce global CO2 emissions. Soon after it was established, RCS Solar became a trusted distributor of photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, battery storage, racking systems, and other solar energy products.

RCS Solar’s success grew out of a two-fold strategy. First, extremely high standards were established. Customer service was paramount, all inventory had to be of the highest quality, and employees received significant training in all aspects of solar energy production. The second strategy involved forming relationships with the world’s leading solar distributors and manufacturers. These two tactics assisted in the creation of an extensive infrastructure that provided a huge selection of brands that satisfied a broad range of needs.

Toward that end, in May, RCS Solar announced the formation of new partnerships and became the official global and European distributor of several additional solar products. This combined with operations in 107 countries and affiliates in Australia, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, further expanded the multi-faceted solutions RCS Solar offered its customers worldwide.

Further, RCS Solar recently participated in two of the world’s largest and most successful alternative energy exhibitions. Each of which took place in countries where demand for solar power is growing astronomically.

In June, RCS Solar attended the Intersolar Europe Trade Show, which took place in Munich. Germany now produces 87% of its electricity from renewable energy. While this is a tremendous victory, it creates many new challenges for consumers.

In September, RCS Solar traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to contribute to the Solar Power International (SPI) 2016 exhibition. SPI is North America’s largest solar trade show, and the United States itself is set to become the world’s second largest solar energy market. Predictions claim that at least 12 GW of solar power will be added this year alone.


Both Intersolar Europe and SPI provided significant exposure for RCS Solar and solidified the company as an international leader in solar energy solutions. At each event, employees showcased many new and unique solar products and technologies, and several new customers established relationships with RCS Solar.

Additionally, many new associations were created with top solar manufacturers. In the not so distant future, expect a few exciting announcements concerning these partnerships. All of which will continue to equip RCS Solar with the ability to meet any solar energy imaginable with the best prices and fastest shipping available.  More than ever before, RCS Solar is the number one provider of the best deals under the sun!

About RCS Solar

RCS Solar (www.rcssolar.com) is a leading distributor of PV panels, inverters and energy storage worldwide. The company’s expertise is in the distribution of PV products in all European countries and has a large scale of business partners – many of whom are repeat buyers – and hundreds of active contacts in its database.  RCS Solar is also the largest distributor of PV panels to Israel, distributor of Canadian Solar, Trina, Suntech, Renesolar, Hanwha and all other major brands.  RCS Solar is a part of the RCS Group, founded by Mr. Rami Feller in 1995.

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