What do you get when you mix a great group of stellar sales agents, prizes, competition, WhatsApp groups, and team names based on shipping definitions? If you guessed something James Bond would have asked for to get out of a sticky situation you’d be close. If you guessed one fascinating out-of-the-box race ending at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, sitting pretty at a Viennese table where winning stars were shelled out, you’d have nailed it!

This year’s event, “RCS Race for the Stars“, honored those agents that achieved their goals, sending them all on a hunt consisting of personalized envelopes containing hints to help them along the way.  Divided up and packed into cars, these fearless teams, equipped with only their WhatsApp and each other’s wits, received a survival pack with all items needed.

This race was a non-stop rush of twists and turns, creative stops named after trade themes like banks and lawyers offices, and hints to get teams to their final destination, ultimately leading them to a recognition for their hard sales efforts.

Their adventure continued with stops that fueled the sales agent with gasoline, and vouchers for free coffee and cake so they could take on more stops along the way. For some they hit barriers like cars that didn’t arrive and running out of petrol while others lucked out and were the first to land at the final destination (yeah, pretty lucky right?).  The workplace infused terminology lead these hunters on their journey with reliance on their skills to ultimately land them in hunter’s paradise: Waldorf Astoria hotel.


Here’s the video that sums the big day: