RCS – Rampal Cellular Stockmarket – would like to bring to your attention that in recent weeks there has been a significant increase in fraudulent activity targeting international transactions, specifically in our market, the trading and distribution of mobile phones and other consumer electronics.

There are many “tricks” and variations to these scams. Their goal is always the same, to electronically manipulate or alter an invoice for payment, unbeknownst to the sender, by adding their bank details to it, thus stealing the payment.

Some of the “tricks” include: hacking email accounts or intercepting emails and redirecting them with different account information. Whatever the means, the purchaser gets hurt twice – once by paying the wrong party, and a second time, after realizing the error, by having to pay for the goods that were provided by the legitimate party.

RCS has been doing business globally for over 18 years, and we encourage our partners and customers to be vigilant. If something looks suspicious, or you notice a change in account information of a customer, or are uncertain about a new customer, pick up the phone and verify the details with them. A phone call will cost you a lot less than what the criminals will take from you, and you will have sound piece of mind.

“In the over 18 years RCS has been trading internationally,  we have been witness to attempted frauds of all kinds, but as a result of our stringent vetting procedures, as well the high level of customer service for existing customers, we have managed to successfully avoid these scams,” said Rami Feller,  President of the RCS Group. “We encourage all of our global partners to be alert for any suspicious activity and if any doubt should arise, contact your RCS sales agent.”