A scavenger hunt takes RCS employees throughout Tel Aviv, rewarding them with a variety of fun activities.


After a full and busy year of expanding its network, RCS treated its employees to a spa day and scavenger hunt.

“The employees of RCS are the absolute best in the world at what they do,” said Rami Feller, president and founder of the RCS Group. “While they certainly work hard, we want to make sure that they also remain refreshed and ready for any possibility.”

RCS, based in Tel Aviv, is the leading international distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras, and tablets.

Employees were split into teams, and each carload was sent on a hunt around Tel Aviv. Riddles were sent via WhatsApp to help teams get to the correct destination.

The first stop was the planetarium of the Eretz Israel Museum, where “star” employees were announced while enjoying coffee and cake. The next stop: the Emerald Spa at the Dan Panorama Hotel. Treatment rooms were ready and waiting for them.

The day ended with a meal at the well-known Meat and Eat steakhouse.

“We hope that everyone enjoyed this escape from normal,” Feller said. “Thank you to our human resources department for planning such an exciting day, and to our employees for their hard work throughout the year.”

About RCS
RCS, founded by Rami Feller in 1995, is the world’s largest international distributor of cellular phones, digital cameras, and other portable electronics. The company’s international sales team maintains strong connections with over 3,000 manufacturers, operators, distributors, and wholesalers of cellular phones, digital cameras, tablets, and other portable media devices in 120 countries, enabling it to source and close deals at the best possible price in the shortest possible time.
RCS is based in Tel Aviv and has offices around the world. With more than 30 professional sales agents as well as 20 logistics experts working in 16 languages, RCS is unmatched in its trading capabilities. For more information, visit http://www.rcs.com.