Video-Preview-picture3Los Angeles, CA – March 9, 2016 –
Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Rami Feller, Founder and
President of RCS, the largest global distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras and tablets.

According to Mr. Feller, “RCS pioneered the marketing of mobile phones 20 years ago when I recognized the market needed a way to buy, sell and trade this new emerging technology. Since then, during the past two decades, RCS has grown rapidly by providing outstanding and reliable service to our customers worldwide.”

Feller continues, “We are proud of the role we have played in bringing more competition to this market, as well as preventing certain vendors from controlling various aspects such as prices and supply levels. We deal with all the major brands, but have the advantage of not having to limit our contact just to the manufacturers.”

RCS is known as a market trend-setter in products and prices. The company is continuously entering new markets, most recently green markets and products (RCS Solar), such as solar panels. RCS is also internationally known for its secure transactions and personalized customer service.

RCS boasts the largest sales force in the industry, with 30 sales agents who facilitate transactions in 15 different languages through its real-time online trading platform. It also has the largest capacity and in-house capability to ease international transactions, with more than 3,000 contacts in 107 countries. The company deals with transactions and provides a range of financial services to its clients.

Concluding his remarks, Rami Feller makes the point, “RCS closes the largest number of deals daily in the global market, and we take pride knowing we are helping consumers save millions of dollars when they buy from our trading partners.”