This year’s Photokina, held in Cologne Germany, was a great success thanks to visitors like you!

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with and introduce our company to you, not only did see a lot of familiar faces, it was a pleasure to have met new contacts who share our passion and knowledge for the dynamic world of digital camera trade. When we weren’t introducing our company to new customers, we were trading insider stories and laughter with our current contacts – good friends who are always fun to hang with.

It was especially energizing for us to see the large number of visitors to our booth and the interest and great potential there is in the market. As a veteran leader in the industry with the largest trade infrastructure, RCS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and dynamic market forces and close tens of deals daily.

Traders are facing an increasingly complex market in terms of both competitors and opportunities for growth. Success requires a vast and reliable network of buyers and suppliers, competitive pricing, reliable logistics solutions, secure financial transactions, fraud elimination and optimized network capacity. RCS offers all that….and more!

We look forward to the next exciting and profitable leg of this ride!
Ready to close a deal?

Kfir, Barak, Atay, Vladimir and the rest of the RCS Team