RCS is a customer of DHL Global Forwarding, but also a supplier of logistics solutions. Discover how this company defines and lives customer-centricity.

How do you define excellent quality in the services of a logistics provider?
This question must combine all the possible solutions, error-free, 100% customer-oriented logistics services. Each customer has different needs and demands. It’s our job as the logistics provider to identify what excellent quality means for each and every customer and provide tailored solutions to those individual needs.

Of the aspects you’ve mentioned, which is the most important and why?
That’s a tough question. Of the 100 employees at RCS, I expect you would get 100 different answers. It’s about learning what the customer calls excellence and making sure that we rise to the challenge. You often get the sense – even with long-term, established customers – that their requirements change per deal and per product, so we are forced to always be one step ahead.

Quality, it is often said, comes at a premium. What is more important to you: quality at any price – or price before quality?
We are all taught from a young age that quality comes with a price tag – and the customer always requires the lowest price. Our job of balancing this with creative solutions is what gets the adrenaline rushing through our veins. Having said that, we always strive to use our buying power to be able to get top -notch quality at the best possible price. As a global company, we are very well connected with the world’s trends in order to know what the best price for quality is. We do not compromise. We do believe that the possibility of getting premium service and giving premium service to our customer can be done at a reasonable, affordable price. In this day and age, different solutions are always possible.

Many companies would like to be seen as customer-centric. Could you define what a customer-centric logistics provider looks like to you?
Being customer-centric is what we aim for daily. With this vision we have managed to create a unique in-house logistic team. Since every transaction, customer, deal and product is unique; our team spends their time tailoring solutions per deal. This allows perfect coordination between the customers, the sales agents, the accounting and bookkeeping department and, of course, the logistics provider. What’s more, our team operates in 15 different languages, 24 hours a day. Our customers are provided with a professional service, but at the same time are allowed to feel at home during the process. This combination is a perfect code for combining professional capabilities and experience with a personal touch.

What role does innovation play for you when considering a logistics provider? Do you expect your partner to offer you new ideas?
Every day is an eternity in the very dynamic world of logistics. Multiply that with the 12 years I have been in the company, and 20 years of the company’s experience. (You can understand why we say that we’ve had a taste of every type of logistics, for better and for worse….). When partnering with the right logistical partner, our goal is that both parties can reach the new heights. It’s only natural for this kind of relationship to be on a give and take level, working hand-in-hand. In this way, sharing new ideas and innovations are completely mutual. Our goal is always to work with a logistics provider who can translate a customer’s desire into reality. Our logistic provider needs, together with us, to be able to use its vast global knowledge and many years of experience to fulfill our top commitments to our customers.